A game I made in 24 hours to reflect my mental state after losing all my progress on a larger project.

WASD/Arrow Keys to move, Space to jump. R to restart.

No, there is no objective. Every path you take will lead to nowhere. Yes, the music is horrific and migraine-inducing. The camera is sporadic and frustrating. Some things aren't reachable; in fact, most aren't. This game is a waste of time. Enjoy.


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The music really brings out the eeriness of the theme

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Yes, I needed this.

I don't know why but, I a oddly romantically in love with jeffery. Just look at his


there so dreamy


where is my jefery body pillow?

(this is a joke, both like the game and my life LOL)


A game born out of the ashes of another. Like some sort of horrible, nightmare-inducing, digital phoenix.

It makes me want to die. I love it.jeffrey


A masterpiece of our time


good quality




good  music



i feel this on a personal level. a solid 10/10